by Adrian Rogers

Dr. Adrian Rogers

I want you to take God's word, please, and open to
Proverbs chapter 22, to one of the most familiar
verses in all of the Bible, as we continue our series,
"A Future for your Family." Now, if you can't raise
your kids right, your family's not going to have much
of a future, so we want to speak to you today about
raising young champions. Your child should be a
champion - not necessarily a champion in the spelling
bee, not necessarily a champion in the halls of
academia, not necessarily a champion on the football
team, but a champion for Jesus Christ. This book is
the breakfast of champions, folks, and I want us to
look in here and see what God has to say about raising
a child.

Proverbs 22:6 is a familiar verse, "Train up a child
in the way that he should go: and when he is old, he
should not depart from it." What does it mean to
train up a child? May I tell you, my friend, there is
a difference in teaching a child and in training a
child. So many of us have taught our children and then
see them turn and go wrong. Our problem is neglect
and indifference - we think if we simply teach, that's
all that needs to be done. But then we find out that
the child becomes self-willed, and self-centered and
goes his own way. Let me tell you what the dictionary
says to train means. It says, to prepare for a
contest; to instruct by exercise; to drill; to form to
a proper shape; to discipline for use. Now, nobody
ever learned to play football by simply reading a book
on football or simply sitting in a classroom with a
blackboard up there and a coach drawing things on the
blackboard - they used to call that skull practice when
I was playing football. But you really learn to play
football under the tutelage and the guidance of a
coach out on the field.

Let me give you four things, parents, and I hope
you'll take notes because there's an awful lot ...

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