by Adrian Rogers

How to Put Meaning in Your Marriage
Adrian Rogers
Genesis 2:18-24; 3:16

Would you take your bibles and turn to the first book of the bible, the book of genesis, chapter 2. And in a few moments we're going to begin reading in verse 18. We're in a series of bible messages entitled "a future for the family," and today I want to talk to you about "how to put meaning in your marriage," how to put meaning in your marriage." I want to move your marriage from monotony to the momentous. I don't want you to- have a "ho-hum" marriage. This is really the story of the "first" family. And when I say "first family," I don't mean, uh, George and, uh, Barbara, but I'm talking about Adam and Eve. In many ways they were different from any other family. I mean they were different. For example, they didn't have any in-laws. Have you ever thought about that? Huh, huh, he couldn't compare her cooking with his mother's. Not only did they not have any in-laws, they didn't have any competition. Eve could not tell Adam of all of the other men she could've married. One time I understand that, uh, Eve said to Adam, "Adam, do you really love me?" he said, "who else?" huh, huh, yet, there are some things in this story that are eternally and perpetually the same. There are eternal truths that will help you to put meaning in your marriage. And how we need the truth that we're about to study today. Divorce is a national epidemic. As a matter of fact, a magazine has been printed with this title, (can you believe it?), marriage and divorce. In the March issue, 1980, this magazine said that in America, so-called God-blessed America, one out of three marriages is ending in divorce. But pay attention, in homes, in marriages that began in a church wedding, just a church wedding, one out of fifty ended in divorce. Now listen to this, according to this national magazine, where both husband and wife were married in a church where they attend regularly and have some kind of family devotions, one in o ...

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