by Adrian Rogers

Are You Fit to Be Tied?
Adrian Rogers
I Peter 3:1-8
April 22, 1990

Take God's word and open please to I Peter chapter 3. And in a moment we're going to begin reading in verse 1. Now here is the question; whether you're married or whether you're not, are fit to be tied? Or to put it another way; are you worthy to call yourself a husband or a wife? Well we want to think about it, because you see with marriage the problem is not in the instruction, it's in the personnel. And so we're going to ask ourselves today from the word of God, are we really fit to be married? There is so much garbage today. It's the only word I can think of to use to describe what is coming to us from every direction about what marriage is like and what the relationship between man and woman ought to be. Some years ago there was an America town that had just outside the uh town a garbage dump. And when that land fill became full a developer bought it. He had an idea to make some money, and so he hauled in dirt, and covered the land fill, covered the garbage dump with dirt, packed it down, tamped it down, and then began to lay out a subdivision. He put beautiful streets and curbs and planted trees, and nobody could tell it had ever been a garbage dump. And then he began to build houses, lovely houses. And families moved in, and it was a happy beautiful community. But after a number of years, the subsoil began to give way, and curbs began to crack; corners on house began to sag, roofs began to bow in, walls began to have fishers in them. And after a while the people moved out, and that community was abandoned and forlorn. The old timers who had lived there for a long time simply shook their heads, they knew what had happened. Those homes had been built on garbage. Now we wonder why so many American homes are meeting the same fate. Why they seem to be crumbling. My dear friend, when the bottom falls out maybe we'd better examine the foundation. Now, what I have before us today is a found ...

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