by Adrian Rogers

Dare to Be Great
Adrian Rogers
Genesis 12:1-4

Take your bibles and turn with me please to the book of genesis. That ought not be hard to find. That's the first book. And then, go to chapter twelve. Today we're beginning a brand new series of messages entitled 'the school of faith'. The school of faith and the title of this particular message is, 'dare to be great'. I wonder if you think that it is wrong to want to be great? I suppose most of us would just bow our heads and say, well you know, uh! Hah haa, I don't want to be great. It would be wrong for me to want to great. My dear friend it would be wrong for you not to want to be great. But you must understand that it is true greatness that you must want. Did you know that the Lord Jesus Christ told us to be great. As a matter of fact, the Lord Jesus fact, he who would be great among you, let him- be your servant. Now our Lord didn't say, don't be great. Our Lord said, make certain that it is true greatness that you get. And I want you to be great in faith. And because you're great in faith you'll be a blessing. And you'll become a servant when you're filled with faith. So we're going to be thinking today about Abraham the father of the faithful. Abraham, the brightest star in the Hebrew heaven; Abraham, who's name is great among Jews - among Muslims - among Christians - a name that is known the world around. What is Abraham's claim to fame? What is it that made Abraham great? God said of Abraham, your name will be great. What was it that made him so great? His faith. His faith! The bible calls him in Romans 4:11, '..the father of all them that believe...' alright now, and let's begin to read here, and I want to read genesis 12, the first four verses, now the Lord had said unto Abram; by the way his name was Abram before it became Abraham. 'Get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from thy father's house into a land that I will show thee and I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bles ...

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