by Adrian Rogers

The logic of the gospel
Adrian Rogers
I Thessalonians 5:23-24

I Thessalonians, chapter 5, and we're going to read together verses 23 and 24, in just a moment tonight I want to speak to you on this subject the logic of the gospel. The logic of the gospel. Now I've been studying the bible now seriously for forty years. ! And, uh, there are four things, four truths, that have in a way unlocked the rest of the bible for me. That've, just put things together. Sorta help me to understand things logically. To synthesize and coordinate, in my own heart and mind, the entire bible. I'm gonna mention all four of them, and I want to speak to you about one of them tonight the four things that have really helped me to understand the bible is, first of all, finding Christ in the old testament, to understand that the old testament is not about the nation Israel, it is about Jesus Christ. Now, learn that. Jesus told the Jews of his day, "search the scriptures for these are they which testify of me." and the bible has become a new book to me as I look in the old testament to find pictures, types, illustrations, and prophecies of the Lord Jesus Christ. You see, Jesus is the hero of the bible. If you read the bible and you don't find Jesus, you'd better re-read it. Standing somewhere in the shadows you'll find Jesus. That's one of the things, that's one of the secrets that's. Helped me in my understanding of the bible. The other thing is the premillenial return of Christ. The premillenial return of Christ. Now, I am unabashedly, unashamedly a premillenialist. I believe that Jesus Christ is coming at any moment. And, I believe the Lord Jesus is going to rule and reign here on earth a thousand blessed years, called the millennium, millennium. And so, therefore, when I read these old testament prophecies and all of these things that the old testament says is going to happen, an' the new testament says is going to happen, I don't have to try to explain them away. They make sense. S ...

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