by Adrian Rogers

Earth Shaking Prayer
Adrian Rogers
Acts 4:31

Take your Bibles and turn please to the book of Acts. Some Bibles call the book of Acts the Acts of the Apostles. I want you to understand that that description is not in the original text. It's just what the Bible printer put up there to describe what he wanted to call the book of Acts. And he calls it the Acts of the Apostles. It's not really the Acts of the Apostles. It's the Acts of the Lord Jesus Christ, as you're going to see, as he continued to live and work through the apostles.

Turn to Acts chapter 4 and I want you to look at one verse and then we're going to back up and read some verses that come before that one verse after a moment. But first of all, that one verse. And when they had prayed--this is Acts chapter 4 verse 31, and when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost. And they spoke the Word of God with boldness. Some years ago, probably more than a decade or so, we were in prayer meeting here. We were having prayer meeting and we had a visiting choir. And in the middle of that choir's singing this place began to move and quiver.

At first, I thought it was just me. I ought maybe something was happening to my seat. I was sitting right over there about where Otis Lott is. And I thought, well, maybe my chair is giving way beneath me. Then I heard kind of a, seemed to me like a little bit of a rumble, and I looked up at the chandelier that used to be up there which is now stored which will now, in a few months, be hung in the foyer of our new building. And I looked up at that beautiful chandelier and it was swaying. And I said, I've never seen it on this wise before. Ha ha ha. And it dawned on me that we were having an earth tremor. How many of you were here that night? Ah, all right. Now, what I did was to stand up and move over to that doorway.

Now, the deacons, the deacons have accused me of deserting the shi ...

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