by Adrian Rogers

Your Reactions Are Showing
Adrian Rogers

Would you take God's Word and find please John chapter John chapter 18. And when you've found it, may I have your attention? look up here. And let me tell you this that the true test of your character is not seen in your actions, but in your reactions. Have you ever gone to the doctor and he was checking you out, and he put you up on the table, and took that little hammer and tapped your knee? Wanted to see if you had that proper reaction. Now he's trying' to find out something about you. Now, you could sit up there, and he could say, Lift your knee. And you could go up and down like that. Or lift your leg. But he doesn't want to see what you planned to do. He wants to see that reaction. Because it's going to tell him something about you. Now, dear friend, all of us can control our actions. But it's our reactions that really count and really show what we are. The difference between our actions and our reactions is really the difference hem between reputation and character. Somebody says that reputation is what others think about you. Character is what your God, what God and your wife know about you. Ha ha. Sometimes there's a vast difference. But I want us to think today about reactions. And I want us to see how our wonderful Savior that loves us so We just heard that beautiful song. I want us to see how Jesus Christ reacted first of all to the failure of a friend, when a friend let him down and disappointed him. What was the reaction of the Lord Jesus? Then I want you to see how the Lord Jesus Christ reacted to the wrong-doing of his enemies. What was his reaction? Then I want you to see how the Lord Jesus reacted to a very hard demand of his heavenly Father. So you're going to see the Lord Jesus reacting to his friends, his foes, and his Father in this passage of Scripture that I have before us. It speaks of the Lord Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. John chapter 18 verse 1. When Jesus had spoken these words, he wen ...

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