by Adrian Rogers

Adrian Rogers
Luke 19:10

Would you take God's Word and turn please to Romans, the book of Romans, which has been called the constitution of Christianity. And open please to Romans chapter 10. When you've found it look up here and I want to ask you a question. Romans chapter 10. What is man's greatest need? What is it? Is it education? Is it in the realm of economics? Is it social reform? Is it healing? What is man's greatest need? Jesus Christ did not come primarily as an educator. He didn't come as a social reformer. Though he healed, he did not come primarily as a healer. The Bible tells us in Luke chapter 19 and verse 10 this, Jesus Christ is speaking, and he said, The son of man is come to seek and to save that which is lost. Man's greatest need is salvation. Man needs to be saved. Now when you say salvation, some people tune you out. But my friend, we saw here on this platform just a few moments ago a display of man's three great problems. He doesn't have four, he doesn't have two, he has three. Sin, sorrow, and death. That's all of the problems that mankind has. And the only answer to those problems is salvation. Salvation. Man's greatest need is salvation, to be saved. That's the reason when the apostle Paul looked at his Israelite relatives who were very, very religious, but like so many today, Jew and Gentile, so very, very lost, he said this, Brethren, my heart's desire sati prayer to God for Israel is that they might be saved. That's what I want for us to think about salvation. The message that is going to be very, very simple but very deep, very important. And if you're not absolutely certain if you died right now if you'd go to heaven I want you to pay attention. If you are certain that you're saved, but you have an unsaved loved one, and all of us do, and you want to learn how to more clearly present the gospel to that unsaved loved one, by all means pay attention. Now, the very first thing I want you to notice beginning in verse 2 i ...

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