by Adrian Rogers

Hypocrisy In The Ministry
Adrian Rogers
John 6:70

Now I want you to take your Bibles tonight, if you will, and turn to John Chapter six, and look with me please in verse seventy. John Chapter six and verse seventy. "Jesus answered them, Have I not - Have I not chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil? He spake of Judas Iscariot the son of Simon: for he it was that should betray Him, being one of the twelve." I want to talk to you about hypocrisy in the ministry. Hypocrisy in the ministry. What Christian in this day and age has not hung his head in shame and disgrace because of the things that has that have happened in the lives of some very prominent television evangelists and ministers. And it seems like some of them just simply won't go away. And we say "Dear God, dear God, must the body of Christ continue to be tortured?" And what should be our relationship, and what should be our attitude toward these? Well, I'm not saying that these whose names you may be thinking of right now. And I'm not going to mention any names per say. I'm not saying that they are a Judas. But I'm saying that we can learn much from Judas. About these particular ones. You see there was a mother one time who held on her lap in her lap and bounced upon her lap a little baby boy. She loved him as much as any mother loves a little baby boy. She had the same hopes, desires and prayers and ambitions for him that any mother would have, I suppose. And she named him Judas. And Judas wasn't a bad name at that time, it was a very wonderful name, a very honorable name. But I want to ask you a question today, "Do you know of any boys named Judas? Anybody go to your high school named Judas? Do you work with any man named Judas?" Well you might work with someone named Paul, or someone named David, or someone named Jonathan, or someone named Andrew, or someone named Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. You might name a dog Judas. I'd name a goat Judas. But you wouldn't name a boy Judas. Why, because ...

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