by Adrian Rogers

How To Handle Stress
Adrian Rogers

You know that we are preaching now through the twenty-third psalm and this is the second message, and the second verse in that great Psalm. Last Sunday, we talked together about the secret of satisfaction, the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He leadeth me beside the still waters. That's Psalm twenty-three and verse two. Now, the sheep in the middle east get up and begin to graze and to browse about four in the morning. The shepherd begins to lead them out of the sheepfold, and the dew is still on the grass. It's very quiet and the sheep will graze and browse and nibble there. And, uh, then about ten or eleven in the morning, the sun is very, very hot, and if it all possible, the shepherd will find some secluded place, hopefully some shady place, with green grass and allow the sheep to lie down. And the sheep will down for three or four hours and just chew the cud. It's at that time when the sheep gets quiet, when the sheep gets still and begins to digest, uh that grass that it has ingested, that is, to come up and ruminate, or chew the cud. It's at that time that the sheep is growing the fastest. It's at that time the sheep is putting on the fat, putting on the wool, maturing. And every shepherd knows how important it is for his sheep to have a quiet time. Every shepherd knows how important it is for his sheep to have a quiet time. He maketh me to lie down. I want to talk to you today about how to deal with stress. Or how to handle stress Is stress ever a problem to you? No your head. Be honest, nod your head. So many folks I know you're stressed up and nowhere to go. You, you're just tense and frenetic and running around and so busy, so much in a hurry, and sometimes we think that it's, it's wrong, almost for wrong for us to be quiet, to be still. I heard of a woman who called her pastor up and, and, and she said, Pastor, I tried to call you all day Monday and I couldn't ge ...

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