by Adrian Rogers

Crossing God's Deadline
Adrian Rogers
Matthew 12:31-32

Open God's precious Word to Matthew chapter twelve, and we're going to look at two of the most terrifying verses in all of the Bible. I feel as a pastor and as a man of God that it is incumbent upon me from time to time to speak on these particular verses. Not that I enjoy doing so; not that I want to do so. But I feel that there are far more people in America and around the world committing the unpardonable sin than we may ever dare to dream. People who commit a sin in this life, which sin if they commit will so damn their soul that they will never ever ever be forgiven in this world or in the world to come. Jesus warned about this sin. Look at the Scripture. [Read Matthew 12:31-32] What is this sin that is so terrible, so awesome that Jesus Christ who was incarnate love said it will never never never never be forgiven? It is the sin of crossing the deadline, committing a sin that the Bible calls an unpardonable sin.

I read years ago of a man in Scotland who was walking on the beach at low tide. They have tremendous, ferocious tides in Scotland. And as this man went way out from the shore he saw a sign that was posted out there that said, Do not go any further. If you go any further, you will not have time to return before the tide comes in. Huh, he thought there's no tide that could be so swift that I could not possibly outrun it. And he continued to walk. The tide turned and the waters came up to his feet and began to wash over his feet. He turned and headed toward the shore and the waters came in much quicker than he realized. Before long the waters were up to his shins, his knees, and his thighs. He slogged through the water trying to make it back to the shore. When he got there, there were those massive high walls of rock. He tried to climb up on the rocks and a big wave came and swept him away. Spectators watched the man as he perished in the waves. What happened to this man is that he did not be ...

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