by Adrian Rogers

The Gospel Truth
Adrian Rogers
1 Corinthians 15

Would you take your bible this morning and turn to First Corinthians chapter fifteen and if you know anything about God's word right away you know that is the great chapter in the bible on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and right in the very heart of the gospel is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Today I want to speak to you on what I'm going to call the gospel truth, the gospel truth.

Every now and then when a man wants to underscore the fact that he's telling the truth he'll say something and he'll say that's the gospel truth and generally it's not even truth, he tries to back it up that way but it may be true and still not be gospel truth. It may be as true as the gospel but not gospel truth or sometimes we'll have a preacher who will preach an excoriating message against sin, he will, he will just read the catalogues of sin to the people and pay his respects to every sin in the book and he more or less walks up and down peoples spine with a pair of hobnailed boots and when he's finished he pours the salt in the wounds, and he preaches hell hot, judgment sure and people go out and say boy, he really preached the gospel. No, he didn't, that is not the gospel, friend, that's the bad news that makes the good news good, the gospel is good news, the very word gospel means good news.

You've got to have the bad news, as a matter of fact, without the bad news the good news is not good. I believe in preaching on hell. I BELIEVE IF WE HAD MORE bell in the pulpit we'd have less hell in the community, I believe in preaching on hell, there is a hell and my friend, that's not the gospel, the good news is that Christ came to save us from This word gospel is used over ninety times in the New Testament and it literally means good news. If someone were to ask you to explain the gospel, could you explain the gospel, if someone were to ask you, what is the gospel, would you know what the gospel is? I hop you will by ...

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