by Adrian Rogers

The Lamb of Promise
Adrian Rogers

Turn if you will please to Exodus chapter twelve and when you have found it look up here for just a moment, Exodus chapter twelve. This week we are presenting an Easter pageant, the title of that pageant is the title of my message this morning, LAMB OF PROMISE. Mary had a little lamb, his name was. Jesus. we're going to be talking today about that lamb of promise. I was here last night sitting up in the balcony when that presentation was given and when it came to a climax and all of those banners came in telling us what the Lord Jesus means and who the Lord Jesus is my heart began to thunder within me, the tears came down my cheeks, I was so full I tried to shout, I only croaked, it was beautiful and wonderful what we saw and what we felt in our heart and I felt to day that perhaps the message could make even more clear and more plain what we're trying to say when we're talking about our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the lamb of promise. Actually today we're going to be telling you how to keep Passover. You s e, this coming week is an interesting week because in the next few days our Jewish friends we'll be observing Passover and we who are Christians will be celebrating Easter. I'm going to surprise you, the Lord never told us to celebrate Easter as such. He did us to keep the Passover, you say, is that true? Well, let's just pay attention and we're going to find out that we as Christians ought to keep Passover. Now, I'm not against celebrating Easter, Hey folks, I'm for celebrating Easter, I'm for it with all of my heart and I want you to invite as many friends as you possibly can. I never make fun of people for coming to church on Easter I'm glad they come because I want to shoot them full of Jesus . I mean, I want them to come and I want to tell them about Christ. Invite as many as you can. I'm glad for Easter but listen folks, we celebrate Easter three hundred and sixty five days a year, I mean, he lives within our ...

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