by Adrian Rogers

This Old House
Dr. Adrian Rogers
II Corinthians 4:16 - 5:9

In Corinthians chapter 5 and when you've found it look
up here. Again, Second Corinthians chapter 5. Did
you know that in the world today more than one hundred
thousand people will die? As a matter of fact, every
time your watch ticks, a soul will die--a ticking of
that watch is for you and for me. Sooner or later,
unless the Lord intervenes by his second coming, we
shall die. I want to be morbid with you today--I want
to tell you that while death is a fact to be faced, it
is not a fact to be feared. As a matter of fact, I'm
going to show you that you're not ready to live until
you're no longer afraid to die. Hebrews chapter 2 and
verse 15 speaks of the Lord Jesus, don't turn to that
right now, we have another text, but it says that
Jesus has come to deliver us who, for all of our
lifetime, have been in bondage because of fear of
death. Fear of death keeps us in bondage, but it is
not until a man is no longer afraid to die that he's
ready to live. When for the first time strangely he
is no longer afraid to die, then and then only is he
ready to live.

Now, I had the experience one time of moving into a
brand new house; only once in my life have I ever done
that. Down in Florida we built a new house to live in
and we looked over and supervised the building of that
house and then we moved into a brand new house. It
was the house that we moved out of when we came up
here. That was a thrill and that was exciting, but
you've got something far more exciting ahead. Every
one of us, every one of us is going to move into a
custom designed house. Listen to God's word right
here. The Bible says, "For we know that if our
earthly house of this tabernacle," the word tabernacle
means tent or dwelling place, "were dissolved, we have
a building of God, a house not made with hands,
eternal in the heavens. For in this we groan,
earn ...

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