by Adrian Rogers

How to Make Your Dreams Come True (1 of 2)
Dr. Adrian Rogers
Genesis 37

Find Genesis chapter 37 if you please, Genesis chapter 37. If you didn't bring a Bible with you, there should be one in the pew rack before you, Genesis chapter 37. That's the first book in the Bible, it ought to be fairly easy to find. If you've found it look up here.

Some years ago I was in the airport and I saw one of the most poignant scenes that I believe I've ever seen. There was a young soldier, he was dressed in a soldier's uniform, he was an exceedingly happy young man--square-jawed, broad shouldered, athletic looking physique. He was there with his wife and his little children. His little children were hugging him around the knees, his wife had her arms around his neck and they were all weeping. It was obvious that this man was saying good-bye to his family. He was a soldier, it was back during the Vietnam conflict, and he was saying good-bye. Also there was a gray-haired man and a gray-haired women that I assume were his mother and his father and you've seen those scenes. I felt almost like I was intruding just watching, yet I could not take my eyes from it. It was so poignant as that little child hugged her daddy around the knees, he would pick her up and kiss her and set her back down, hug his mom and dad. I began to pray for that young man, I began to envision what may be taking place, that he's going overseas and perhaps he was going to a battlefield, perhaps this is the last time on earth they will ever see their son, this husband, this father. I confess to you that I wept as I watched, then I prayed and I said, Dear God, let that man sit by me on this airplane, give me an opportunity to share with that man.

When I got on the airplane and sat down there was a seat vacant next to mine and who came and got on but that same soldier--he sat absolutely next to me. I said, Thank you, Lord, for answered prayer, and I turned to the young man and I said, Sir, are you going ...

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