by Adrian Rogers

A Three-Fold Cord
Adrian Rogers
Ephesians 1:2-14

This thing that we have called salvation is a wonderful thing because it's great that God saves us; that's a wonderful thing to know, I mean, that God would save us, that's great, but it is even more great to know that we can be saved and know that we're saved. We don't have to say I hope I'm saved, I think I'm saved, maybe I'm saved, we can say praise God, I'm saved and I know it, that's doubly great, but my dear friend, it is twice great and gloriously great to know that not only can we be saved and not only can we know that we're saved but we can know without a shadow of any doubt if we are saved we can never lose our salvation.

You're going have to admit that if that is true and it is true, it's wonderful that not only does he save us by his grace he keeps us by his grace and what he keeps us with, what he binds to himself with is a three-fold cord.

The bible says that a three-fold cord is not easily broken. I'm going to break into Ephesians 1:2, and I'm going to read the longest sentence in the bible. this sentence just goes on and on and on and, it goes all the way to verse 14 without stopping. Now Paul got so excited he couldn't stop. Have you ever got that excited, you just keep on talking, it just seems like he can't take a breath. It reminds of that little piece of poetry; there was a young poet from Japan whose poetry no one could stand, when told it was so he said yes, I know but I always try to get as many words in the last line that I can. that's what Paul was doing here, Paul is just trying to cram it all in and he just won't stop, he just keeps talking and talking and talking and when he is finished, are you listening, when he is finished with this, the longest sentence in the bible it begins with grace, it ends with glory and it is the most complete statement in the gospel you will find and actually in this sentence you're going to find that he mentions God the father, God the son and ...

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