by Adrian Rogers

The Sweet Smell of Victory
Dr. Adrian Rogers
2 Corinthians 2:14

Beloved friends, would you take your Bibles and would
you turn with me please to Second Corinthians, the
second chapter, and in a moment we're going to begin
reading in verse 14. The title of our message is THE
SWEET SMELL OF VICTORY. Now, ladies and gentleman,
when you were born again you were born to win. God
expects you to be living day by day in victory.

l found something the other day I want to share with
you, it's entitled The Difference Between Winners and
Losers. A winner says, "Let's find out." A loser
says, "Nobody knows." When a winner makes a mistake
he says, "I was wrong;" when a loser makes a mistake
he says, "It wasn't my fault." A winner isn't nearly
as afraid of losing as a loser is secretly afraid of
winning. A winner works harder than a loser and has
more time; a loser is always too busy to do what's
necessary. A winner goes through a problem; a loser
goes around it and never gets past it. A winner makes
commitments; a loser makes promises. A winner says,
"I'm good but not as good as I ought to be;" a loser
says, "I'm not as bad as a lot of other people." A
winner listens; a loser just waits until it's his turn
to talk. A winner respects those who are superior to
him and tries to learn from them; a loser resents
those who are superior to him and tries to find chinks
in their armor. A winner explains; a loser explains
away. A winner feels responsible for more than his
job; a loser says, "I only work here." A winner says,
"There ought to be a better way to do it;" a loser
says, "That's the way it's always been done here."

Well, that's good advice but I've got some better
advice for you. I think I agree with most all that's
said there but I want to talk to you about a greater
form of winning-winning that we're going to call
absolute spiritual victory. Notice God's word, Second
Corinthians ...

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