by Adrian Rogers

How To Weather The Storms Of Life
Adrian Rogers
Acts 23:11

Would you take God's Word and find Acts chapter 27. Acts chapter 27, in a moment we'll begin reading in verse 9. I love the 27th chapter of the book of Acts. Several times since I've been your pastor I've studied with you this wonderful chapter. The reason I love the 27th chapter of the book of Acts is because it is the story of a shipwreck. Not that I'm all enamored with shipwrecks, it's not so much. But it's the story of the sea. And I love the ocean. I was born in Florida, near the Atlantic Ocean. Lived their most of my life. My blood is about 95% salt water. And I love this wonderful story because it's so graphic. As you open the Bible to this chapter you just feel the salt spray in your face. It's, it's a story that was written as en eyewitness account of a great shipwreck. Would you to use your imagination. If you do, you'll taste the salt. You'll feel the swell of this ship as it rises and falls on the billows. You'll hear the winds as it moans and |groans and screams and whimpers. You'll hear the booming claps of thunder. And you'll see the flashing fingers of lightening as they play across the sky. And you'll look on the faces of these mariners and see stark terror that's on their face as they say to themselves, "Tonight, we die. We'll perish at sea." And you'll see how God delivered them and you'll learn a lesson. Have you ever wondered why did God use an entire chapter to tell about a shipwreck. Why did the apostle Luke, who could write so much, why did he spend an entire chapter telling used what happened. I'll tell you what I think. Because while this is history, it is more than history. Luke who wrote his is using it as an illustration that we can apply to our lives in this 20th century or at any other time. Because you see life is like a voyage. And the circumstances of life are like the weather. Sometimes there's smooth sailing, sometimes there's storms. And we're caught up sometime ...

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