by Adrian Rogers

Getting Ready for a Miracle
Adrian Rogers
Joshua 3:5

Take God's word please and turn to the book of Joshua, chapter three, and in just a moment we're going to look together in verse five. Before I read verse five I want to give you the background, the children of Israel had come right to the threshold of their Canaan. They were about to cross over the river Jordan. They were about to enter into the land, they were about to possess their possessions. God had for them a land that flowed with milk and honey, a land of abundance, a land of great promise, a land of great plenty, but between them and that land there lied, there lay a river of difficulty. It was the river Jordan and at this time of the year the river was swollen. I wasn't just a little river, it covered a great territory and it was seemingly impossible for them to get through the river Jordan and into the land and God performed a miracle and God got them in. We use to sing a little chorus a long time ago, have you any rivers that seem to be uncrossable, have you any mountains you cannot tunnel through? God specializes in things that seem impossible. He knows a thousand ways to make a way for you and that's the thing that I'm going to be talking about today, getting ready for a miracle Bellevue Baptist Church in this day and in this age has to get ready for a miracle. We're getting ready to possess our possessions. We're getting ready to claim our Canaan. Next Sunday evening at six-thirty we're going to have groundbreaking at Canaan. It's going to one of the most remarkable, unusual services I can say without fear of contradiction that you have ever been in so far as a groundbreaking service is concerned, but I want to prepare your heart, I want to prepare your mind, I want you to get set, I want you to get ready and so there fore I'm speaking to you today on getting ready for a miracle. Look at our text. And Joshua said unto the people, this is Joshua Chapter three and verse five, and Joshua said un ...

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