by Adrian Rogers

What Is Wrong with Gambling?
Dr. Adrian Rogers
Acts 19

Take God's holy word and turn with me tonight to Acts
19 and in a moment we're going to begin reading in
verse 21. I want to talk to you on this subject,
"What is wrong with gambling?" Now, I want to say
something about the apostle Paul: he was quite a
preacher and everywhere that Paul went there was
either a revival or a riot. Something happened when
Paul went to a town. In this particular instance there
was a riot, but they knew he was there and they knew
that the word of God had power when Paul went to
Ephesus so long ago. Somebody has well said "when we
preach something ought to happen - we ought to either
make people glad or sad or mad, they ought to go out
either glad, mad or sad." In the average church they
just go out. Somebody said "the clock struck twelve and
the church gave up for dead."

Paul had power in his life and because he had power in
his life he found himself often in confrontation.
We're going to see that confrontation right now in
Acts chapter 19 verse 21. "And after these things
were ended Paul purposed in the spirit when he had
passed through Macedonia and Achaia to go to Jerusalem
saying after 'I've been there I must also see Rome.' So
he sent into Macedonia two of them that ministered
unto him, Timotheus and Erastus, but he himself stayed
in Asia for a season. And the same time there arose no
small stir about that way." Now, in plain English
there was a big stir about the Christians, for a
certain man named Demetrius, a silversmith which made
silver shrines for Diana, brought no small gain unto
the craftsmen," in plain English, he made them a lot
of money, "whom he called together with the workmen of
like occupation and said, 'Sirs, ye know that by this
craft we have our wealth. Moreover ye see and hear
that not alone at Ephesus but almost throughout all
Asia this Paul hath persuaded and turned away muc ...

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