by Adrian Rogers

The Grace, The Groan And The Glory
Adrian Rogers

Well, the last month or so I've been preaching in and out around Romans eight. I just can't get rid of Romans eight and I don't want to. What a blessing this book is. I've told you that Romans has been called the constitution of Christianity and it is God's constitution and my friend, I want to tell you, it has no bill of rights, nothing that we can demand, but it does tell us not of the bill of rights, but ; of God's gifts of grace. What a great book this is. Tonight I want us to look in Romans chapter eight and I want us to be thinking together about God's answer to man's sin and as we get into the message and before we read the scripture I want to read to you a horrible story, it is horrible, it is terrible. I even reasoned with myself as to whether or not I ought to read it, but I said it so well illustrates what I want to say that I'm going to read it. This is something I clipped from the paper a while back. The title of the article is this. Python crushes sleeping infant and then here's the story. A pet eight foot long python, that's a huge snake, apparently in search of food slithered into the crib of a sleeping baby and crushed the girl to death in a vice like squeeze authorities said. Seven month old Toni Lynn Debow probably never uttered a cry because as the victim tries to breathe the snake squeezes tighter around the body said a spokesman for the Dallas County Medical Examiner. The baby whose body was covered by dozens of needlefying tooth marks was found by her mother about eight am Saturday authorities said, the snake was curled on a ledge above the crib. Alerted by his wife Robert Eugene Debow, a thirty five year old machinist rushed into his daughter's bedroom, grabbed the snake and wrestled it into another bedroom. Debow, near hysteria, shot the snake with a twenty five caliber pistol and partially severed his head with a kitchen knife, said Dallas police Sargent Gus Rhode. Officers sin. NO lon ...

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