by Adrian Rogers

How You Can Be Sure
Dr. Adrian Rogers
Acts 10:38-48

Take God’s word, find the 10th chapter of the book of Acts, the Acts of the apostles, as some Bibles say, the part added by men to describe that book. A lot even read the Acts of the Holy Ghost, although the Holy Ghost is active all through the book of Acts, but really the book of Acts is what Jesus is continuing to do. It’s the book of the acts of the Lord Jesus Christ, not only so long ago, but right now in this 20th century.

We are talking under this theme, “That Old Time Religion.” And not only is it the old time religion, we told you it’s the new time religion. And not only is it the new time religion, we told you it is the all time religion. And therefore it is the any time religion; that is, any time you need the Lord, He is available to you. And therefore it ought to be the every time religion. You ought not to turn anywhere else but to that old time religion which is the new time and the now time religion. Now you say, “Well, you seem to be so sure about that.” Yes, I am sure. I am sure, and I want to talk to you today about how you can be sure. And I’m going to give you today from God’s word three marvelously wonderful witnesses that will attest to you that Jesus Christ is the saving Son of God and so you can have a know so salvation where you won’t have to say, “I think so, I hope so, maybe so.” How you won’t have to be a question mark with your head bent over, but how you can be an exclamation mark standing up straight and tall and saying, “Yes, praise God, I am sure, I know that I know.”

Now let me give you the background for our passage of Scripture. Cornelius was a Gentile. Up until this time, the Gentiles had not been added to the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. All of those early believers were Jews. Now Cornelius was a Roman army officer. He’s from Italy, garrisoned there in Palestine. He has a hunger to know God. And supernaturally God had gotten this Roman army officer and the apost ...

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