by Adrian Rogers

All Things New
Adrian Rogers
Acts 9

Would you take God's word please and be finding chapter 9 because that's where we're going to be studying in just a moment. You know we're studying the book of Acts under the general heading, ''That old time Religion.'' Because we've found out if we want to learn how to face the future we're going to have to look to the past. If we want to know what God is going to do and wants to do we need to look back and see what God has done when his people trusted him so long ago. And the blueprint and the pattern for the 20th century church is found in that 1st century church. And so we're studying the book of Acts, finding out what our Lord did in that early church, under the heading, that old time religion.

In just a moment we'll read together the scripture. It's a long chapter and I want to just give you the title of the message and the setting for the Scripture and then we'll read the scripture. I want to speak to you today on this subject, ''All things new.'' All things new. For the Bible says, ''If any man be in Christ Jesus he is a new creation. Old things are past away, behold all things are become new.'' Nature forms us. Sin deform us. Schools inform us. Prisons reform us. But only Christ transforms us. In Christ we become new. A Christian is not just somebody who's become nice, he becomes new. He doesn't just turn over a new leaf. He receives a new life. row a Christian is not like a tadpole that has become a frog. He's gone through a series of changes, but basically he's same creature. No, a Christian is more like a frog who has received the kiss of grace and become a prince. That's what we are. We are changed radically and dramatically.

I heard of a lady who was coming out of a beauty shop and she saw a lady there at the door and she said, ''Oh, Mary Jones. Mary, what a joy to see you. Mary, it's been years since I've seen you. Mary you look different. Why you've slimmed down you 've lost weight. You've fixed yo ...

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