by Adrian Rogers

Learning To Stand Alone
Adrian Rogers

We're continuing our series in the book of Acts entitled that old time religion. And today we're talking about standing, about standing. Now I thank God for the power that we have when we stand together. "One will chase a thousand, ten will chase ten thousand." Thank God for the power that we have to stand together. But wait a moment, you know the time may come when you are all by yourself. When you don't have your brothers and sisters in Christ round about you. And we're not going to be able to stand together. You're going to have to also learn to stand alone. The title of our message today is learning to stand alone. I mean there's coming a time dear friend, when you are going to have to be one against the crow$ You're going to be all by yourself against great odds. It may be at school that you're going to have to stand alone. And uh, you may have in your college classes atheists, agnostics for professors. You may be the only Christian in that class. You're going to have to stand up for the Lord Jesus. Some of you businessmen tomorrow you go back to the company and back to the office and where you stand you're going to have to stand alone. Because there will be pornography. There will be obscenity. There will be blasphemy. There will be dishonesty. There will be materialism. And you as a Christian in the name of Jesus will have to stand alone. Some of you in your social life will have to stand alone. I heard of two couples who were out double dating and they, uh, one of them suggested that they stop at and go into one of these dives. We call them I guess disco techs or something like that. And go in there. And the young lady in the backseat said, "No I don't want to g-o in there. I have someone with me who would not enjoy that place." And the boy who was with her said, "Oh, I wouldn't mind going in there." She said, "I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about the Holy Spirit of God that is in my heart." There are t ...

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