by Adrian Rogers

Dr. Adrian Rogers

I'm speaking tonight on this subject, "the secret of
holy boldness." I think if there's anything we need
in this 20th century - where it's not primarily the
moral majority but the silent majority - we need an
epidemic of holy boldness. The Bible says here in
Acts 4 verse 13, "Now when they saw the boldness of
Peter and John and perceived that they were unlearned
and ignorant men, they marveled and took knowledge of
them that they had been with Jesus." Now if you're
one of those who wished that you had more courage to
testify and witness for Jesus I want you to pay
attention. I am convinced that many of us want to
share our faith and want to tell others about our
Savior, but we've been intimidated and we are cowardly

When I was a little boy there used to be a program on
the radio called the Low-Pressure Salesman, and he had
to go out and make sales but he was intimidated by
people and he would knock on the door and then say,
"Nobody home I hope, I hope, I hope." Do you remember
that program? That will date you if you remember
that, the Low-Pressure Salesman. And I believe that
there are a lot of people like that when they go out
to testify for Jesus. Their loyalty makes them go on
the one hand, but their fear makes them slow on the
other. They just are not the vibrant testimony for
Jesus that they ought to be.

Well, what made Peter and John so bold? I want us to
go back and get the setting here if we can and I begin
reading now in chapter 4 verses 1-3, "And as they
spake unto the people the priests and the captain of
the temple and the Saduccees came upon them, being
grieved that they taught the people and preached
through Jesus the resurrection from the dead. And
they laid hands on them and put them in hold until the
next day," that means they were in jail, "for it was
now eventide. Howbeit many of them which hear ...

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