by Adrian Rogers

How to Break Satan's Strongholds in Your Life
Adrian Rogers
Ephesians 4

Turn with me please to Ephesians chapter four tonight Ephesians chapter four. I want to talk to you about breaking satanic strongholds. There are people who get strongholds in their lives and I believe as surely as my name is Adrian Rogers there are many people in this congregation tonight who have in their heart and in their mind and in their life a satanic stronghold. Not only is it harming them and wrecking their spiritual life but they themselves are contaminating the life of their family and the life of their church because the devil has found an unclean place in that person and the devil has made a campground, a foul nest, a beach-head, a citadel, a stronghold there and he uses that stronghold to war against God and against the work of God.

In Ephesians chapter four and verse twenty seven is a frightening verse. Neither give place to the devil, neither give place to the devil and then in verse thirty, and grieve not the hold spirit of God. That is amazing, that is astounding, that's frightening. It ought to cause everyone of us to sit up and take notice that we, children of God, saved ones, born again ones could either on the one band give a place to the devil or could on the other hand give the holy spirit of God.

Either one should be unthinkable in the heart and mind of a child of God. I'm going to have to ask for some information here because I meant to get this before I preached this message but what kind of a bird is it that you build a special bird nest for and hope that he'll come and special birdhouse? What is that? The martins, the purple martins, w have some out here on our parking lot, a, a martin Now, once you've given place to the devil then he's going to work on the rest of your life. Suppose you had a piece of property, let's say there are fifty acres in that piece of property and you sell me an acre right in the middle of your fifty acres and you give me a dee ...

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