by Adrian Rogers

A Miracle for America
Adrian Rogers
Psalm 85:1-6

The Psalm you have the prayer of a patriot. Here's a man praying for his nation. And he's praying for revival. I want to tell you I make no apology whatsoever for being a red-blooded, flag-waving American patriot. I believe it is logical, I believe it is reasonable, I believe it is Biblical to be patriotic. A roving reporter came up to a man on the street and said, ''Do you know what the two biggest problems in America are?'' The pedestrian said, ''I don't know and I don't care.'' The reporter said, ''You have them both.'' Amen.

The two biggest problems in America: number one is ignorance and number two is apathy. People don't know and they don't care. And we have people today who think, ''Well you're not supposed to be patriotic. Somehow everything's just supposed to be one big globe, one world. Somehow if we're patriotic that's almost un-Christian. We're told today that you can't be a Christian and love your country. Well that's ridiculous. Absolutely unmitigated folly.

Now when I love my country that doesn't mean I don't love other countries. When I want God to bless America that doesn't mean that I don't want other countries to be blessed. It just means that America is my father land. This is the land of my birth and this is the land of my loyalty and the land of my responsibility. I love all people, but one day I'm going to have to stand before God and give account for myself. So I've got to look out and make certain that I'm right with God because I can't answer for you and you can't answer for me. I love your family, but the Bible says if I provide not for my own, especially of those of my own house I have denied the faith. I am worse than an infidel. And when I have a responsibility and a loyalty to my family that doesn't mean I love your family any less. That just means that I have an assignment from God. That is, my family.

I love all churches, but dear friend, I have a responsibility to ...

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