by Adrian Rogers

When Good Men Differ
Adrian Rogers

Would you take God's word and turn to Romans chapter 14 with me for a moment. Romans chapter 14. Now the message this morning and this evening are going to be bound together. And we are going to be talking on this subject this morning, When Good Men Differ. This morning we are going to be going to be dealing with the matter of doubt this evening with the matter of doctrinal thing. Romans chapter 14, verse 1, and by the way, please have your Bible's opened and keep them open and if you did not Bible look there in the pew rack before you. Romans 14:1, "Him that is weak in the faith, receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations." Now what on earth does that mean? Paul says that there is in the church what we would call a weaker brother and there is in the church what we would call a stronger brother. And Paul in this chapter is talking about some who were weak in the faith and some who were strong in the faith. Now in Rome there were problems, There were some weaker brothers who were judging stronger brothers. And there were some stronger brothers who were despising weaker brothers. Now the weaker brothers were brothers who walked very straight and very narrow and there were some things they just absolutely would not do, say, touch, or whatever. They said, "That's wrong and we're not going to participate in it." You say, "That sounds like a stronger brother." You're going to find out he was really the weaker brother. Then there were some stronger brothers who knew that these things were not really wrong in and of themselves and so they did them. Now the weaker brother would judge the stronger brother and say, "He ought not to be living that way." And the stronger brother would despise the weaker brother and say, "He ought not to be so narrow minded." And there was a division. And there was a cleaving. And by the way, this was compounded by this, that the weaker brother thought he was the stronger brother. And so it was a very c ...

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