by Adrian Rogers

Christ Our Passover
Adrian Rogers
1 Corinthians 5:7-8

Would you take your Bibles and turn to I Corinthians chapter 5 and in a moment we are going to read together verses 7 and 8. As brother Jim has told you and I have reminded you next Lord's day is Easter. But also, this is the time of the year when our Jewish friends are celebrating what we call the Passover. And both Passover and Easter are inexpiably interwoven. And it is so important that you understand the importance of Passover and the importance of Easter. Both of them are very, very important to us. Now we know that the resurrection of Jesus is without the resurrection of Jesus your hope of heaven wouldn't he worth a half a hallelujah. Brother I want to tell you somebody has well said, ''If Jesus Christ is still in that grave nothing really matters. But if Jesus Christ came out of that grave nothing but that really matters.'' And I want to tell you something else, our Jewish friends at this time of the year, next month actually, will celebrate what they call Passover. And I want to think about Passover this morning because Passover is about a lamb, the Lamb of God. Jesus is God's Lamb. Read with me if you would I Corinthians chapter 7, ''Purge out therefore the old,'' excuse me, chapter 5, verse 7 ''Purge out therefore the old leaven that ye may be a new lump as ye are unleaven, for even Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us. Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.'' Passover is about a lamb, that Lamb's name is Jesus. The Old Testament feast of Passover, whether our Jewish friends realize it or not was a picture, a prophesy, a portrait, a fore gleam of God's Lamb who would one day come into the world. We have a little nursery rhyme that we sing, ''Mary had little lamb, his fleece was white as snow.'' And indeed, Mary, the virgin Mary, had a little lamb. His fleece was white sno ...

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