by Adrian Rogers

Roll Call at the Cross
Adrian Rogers
Matthew 27

Would you take God's word and turn to Matthew chapter twenty seven, Matthew chapter twenty seven, just leave your bibles open there and let me say a word before we look in to that chapter because in a sense we're going to deal with that entire chapter in these few moments that we have but just selecting a verse here and a verse there and that chapter deals with what I call the dirtiest deed ever done and that deed was the crucifixion of the very son of God. And I believe the twenty seventh chapter of the gospel of Matthew is one that every Christian ought to read with frequency to emblazon into his heart and to etch upon his mind and soul and consciousness the agony that Jesus went through. But I want to tell you had you the imagination of a poet, had you the mind of a philosopher, had you the hand of an artist, the tongue of a great singer, you could not imagine, describe, or depict the horror, the tragedy that was enacted on that hill that we call Calvary, where Jesus, the son of God, God, the mighty maker died for a man the creatures sin.

I want to use for a title for my message this morning.... THE ROLL CALL AT THE CROSS, THE ROLL CALL AT THE CROSS, because I want us to see who crucified Jesus. Now, who did crucify Jesus? Well, you say pastor, the Jews crucified Jesus. Well, let me remind you that his apostles were Jews, the disciples were Jews. Well, you say the Romans crucified Jesus. Ha, well, the Roman soldiers were carrying out orders.

Well, you say uh, we crucified Jesus. Now, you're getting closer to the truth. The truth of the matter is that we all had a part in the crucifixion of Jesus. We sing that song were you there when they crucified my Lord and that's a good question to ask.

Dr. R. G. Lee went to Israel for the first time to the Holy Land. He went to that place that so many of us love to go, that place called Calvary. When he stood there, the uh, the person who was giving the lecture ...

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