by Adrian Rogers

Romance Of Redemption
Adrian Rogers

Would you take your bibles please today and turn with me to Genesis chapter twenty four, Genesis chapter twenty four. Now, if those of you who are bible students know right away we're in a very beautiful and sacred section of God's word. I want to speak to you today on this subject, THE ROMANCE OF REDEMPTION. One of the things that has amazed me every time I see someone do it is to watch an artist paint a portrait. Now, I've not set through the entire painting of artist who is really a, really skilled artist and watch him paint a portrait, but sometimes even in county fairs or somewhere I've been amazed at how an artist with a few strokes can pick up the likeness of an individual. Now, anybody can paint another person if they have a little artistic ability, but to capture the real likeness, to capture the real spirit, to paint the portrait of a person so that you see not only the likeness but the spirit and even the character of that person coming through I believe is almost a divine gift. Now, if you think however that is difficult how would you like to paint a portrait of a person without ever having first seen that person. Now, dear friend, that's what we have here in the twenty fourth chapter of Genesis. We have a portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ that was painted in words centuries before Jesus Christ appeared here on this earth. What a divine, wonderful conformation of the inspiration of the holy spirit of God we see in this twenty fourth chapter of Genesis, a portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ who is indeed the son of God. Now, he is prophesied, typified, delineated, described here in Isaac. Isaac is a type of the Lord Jesus Christ. Isaac was the son of Abraham. He was a son that was born of a miracle. He was the son of promise. He was the son of prophesy, the son of miracle birth. Isaac you will remember in Genesis chapter two was sacrificed on Mt. Moriah and he was raised from the dead there, now, not literally, but ...

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