by Adrian Rogers

Dealing With Doubt
Adrian Rogers

Now, would you take God's word and open to First John chapter five and verse thirteen and as you're opening let me tell you that I'm beginning a brand new series of messages dealing with handling your emotions and to help you to handle your emotions before your emotions handle you. We're going to be dealing with subjects like doubt and anger and disappointment and loneliness and fear and envy. We're going to be dealing with them not from a psychiatric point of view, not from a psychological point of view only, but from the word of God. Today I'm going to be talking about DEALING WITH DOUBT. First John chapter five and just keep your bibles open, let me tell you what happened to me awhile back. I was in the hospital witnessing and there was a woman who was sick, near the point of death, her family was standing around the bed and it was a critical time as I talked to the woman and tried to minister to the woman I found out that she did not know Christ as her personal savior. I took an open bible and I ask her standing there with an open bible if she would like to know how to be saved, have her sin forgiven and know that she could go to heaven. She would like that and so I shared with her from the word of God, I explained to her the way of salvation, then I ask her if I could have the privilege of praying for her and with her as she received Christ into her heart as her personal Savior, she wanted me to do that. I prayed lead her in a prayer, she asked Christ to come into her heart. I asked her then as she opened her eyes after the prayer if with all of her heart as best she knew how she meant that and gave her heart to Christ and trusted him to save her. She said yes, I do. I just rejoice. I turned to her son-in-law who was there and I said isn't it wonderful that your mother-in-law has been saved and he said oh, no one can know that they're saved. I said oh, yes they can. I said she just prayed and asked Christ to come in to h ...

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