by Adrian Rogers

Praise to the Trinity
Adrian Rogers
Ephesians 1:3-14

Amen. I tell you what, that is marvelous and wonderful what Jesus is to us, thank you so much for helping us to worship today in music. Take God's word please and turn with me to Ephesians chapter one. 'This is a Thanksgiving message. The title of our message today is PRAISE TO THE TRINITY.

Let me give you a secret friend. The secret of everything, really when you get to the bottom line is just praise. That's what we're going to do in all eternity, we're going to in all eternity, we're going to praise the Lord. That's why we're saved, so we can praise him and worship him and sometimes if your prayers get dry, begin to pray and they'll get juicy again. Sometimes if you're feeling low pull some of the groans out of your plans and shove in a few hallelujah and see if it doesn't pick up. Sometimes if you run out of things to pray about begin to praise, you'll have an ocean to swim in. Sometimes if it seems that God is not near, begin to praise because God occupies the praise of his people.

The scripture that we're going to read today and I'm not going to read it all at one time because it is a great long sentence. It begins in Ephesians one and it goes all, excuse me, Ephesians one, verse three, and it goes all the way through Ephesians one, verse fourteen. And Paul just keeps on talking, he never stops in this sentence. One phrase lead to another phrase that leads to another phrase that leads to another phrase.

If Paul were a writer when he got to this to the editor, the editor would probably say Mr. Paul, break this up into several smaller sentences. If he were in an English class they would say now, Paul, you can't make a sentence fourteen verses long, that's just too long. Well, listen, Paul gets so excited he just can't stop talking. There was a young poet from Japan whose poetry nobody could scan, when told it was so he said, yes, I know, but I always try to get as many words in the last sentenc ...

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