by Adrian Rogers

Fullness Of Joy
Adrian Rogers
John 15:11

If I were to ask you to open your bibles to John fourteen, fifteen, sixteen or seventeen, if your bible student right away you'd know that you're in the heart of treasure land. What a blessing in any of these chapters we call this the upper room discourse and here the Lord Jesus Christ is revealing to us s tremendous spiritual gems.. Would you take your bibles and open today to John chapter fifteen and I want us to look at one specific verse and then we're going to look at quite a few others, but John chapter fifteen, and we're going to look at verse eleven. John chapter fifteen and verse eleven. And Jesus said, "these things have I spoken unto you that my joy might remain in you and that your joy might be full." That my joy might remain in you and that your joy might be full. I want to talk to you today on this subject, Fullness of Joy.

God's plan for you is that you have joy, but not ordinary joy, full joy, constant joy, conspicuous joy, contagious joy, God's plan is that you have fullness of joy.

If you're saved and you don't have joy, there's something very wrong. A joyless Christian is a contradiction in terms. God has intended that you have joy, consistently, for the bible says rejoice in the Lord always and you're not to have inferior joy, you're to have joy unspeakable and full of glory. I don't know everything about you, but this I know about you, you want joy. I know that about you. You want joy and it is God's plan that you have joy. And how important joy is to the Christian life. "First of all, joy is important in bringing people to Jesus Christ. Did you know the most attractive quality of our life in order to bring people to Jesus Christ is the joy that we have. The people that you work with, if they can see that joy in you, the people that you go to school with, the people that you worship with, that's the reason I want our services to be services that are marked by joy and enthusiasm and happiness. ...

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