by Adrian Rogers

A Drink That Satisfies
Adrian Rogers

Would you take your bibles please and be finding John the fourth chapter and if you didn't bring a bible with you, look there in the pew rack in front of you, most likely there's one there. Find the gospel of John chapter four and then look up here if you will for just a moment. I just appreciate you bringing God's word and uh, using it during these services. You know there's not all that much to watch on television anymore. About the only thing worth seeing these days is the commercials. I do enjoy the commercials. Some of them are quite good, but there's some of them they don't tell the truth and they really do twist things. There's a certain beer commercial for example and it's a well done commercial, these fellows I believe have been out fishing and its the end of one of those big days you know, they're with their buddies and they've really had a catch. They've pulled the boat up there by the shore and there's a roaring, crackling fire and the sun is westering and going down and they're, they're frying those fish and they've got that uh, brand of embombing fluid, whatever it is there you know and they're sitting there holding up a big foamy one and they're, they're with their buddies and one of them looks at the other one and he says you know, it just doesn't get any better than this. Have you seen that? Somebody, look intelligent, yeah, you've seen that one, alright, I DON'T want to feel like the only guy that watches that, but anyway uh, he, he you know, he just says it doesn't get any better than this and my thought is oh fellow, if that's as good as it's going to get for you I really do feel sorry for you, I really do. You see, to him, that's, that's what they call in business the bottom line, I mean, that's it, that is everything. There's uh, good friends and uh, uh, days catch of catching fish and relaxation and getting a little high and all of that, that, that's it to him, that's the bottom line. Say, what is th ...

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