by Adrian Rogers

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The Mark of the Beast (2 of 2)
Series: The Mark Of The Beast
Adrian Rogers
John 5:43; Revelation 13

Now, will you take God's word please and turn to Revelation chapter thirteen. 'We're going to continue our message tonight on Israel and bible prophesy. Tonight we're going to talk about Israel's false Messiah, the anti Christ. The Lord Jesus said something that poignant, prophetical powerful, the LORD Jesus said in the gospel of John, in the fifth chapter and the forty third verse.

I am come in my father's name and ye receive me not. If another shall come in his own name, him shall receive Israel's true Messiah, the Lord Jesus came, that Messiah was rejected, Jesus said you did not receive me, but then Jesus prophesied that another would come, a false Messiah and Jesus said him ye will receive. Israel is facing great national tragedy because she will believe the devil's lie and will go through a time of deep trouble and turmoil before she's finally delivered as a nation.

We're going to be talking tonight about THE MARK OF THE BEAST, the devils credit card. Now Christians cannot afford to be ignorant of the subject to which I am speaking tonight. I address myself tonight to this subject. I believe that the devil is pull the veil of darkness over our faces in these dynamic and dangerous times in which we're living. I believe with all my heart that the sands of time are running low for this generation. I believe that history as we know it today is headed for a climax and the time is right, indeed may be here for the arrival of the anti-Christ. There is a beast of a man lurking in the shadows, the bible calls this false Messiah the man of sin.

The bible calls him the anti-Christ, the bible calls his the prince that shall come. The bible calls him the beast. The bible calls him the lie. Now, notice here in Revelation chapter thirteen, we're going to look at most of this chapter and we're going to see something of this devilish Messiah. The very first thi ...

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