by Adrian Rogers

The Portrait Of An Apostate
Adrian Rogers

Take your Bibles. Turn to the book of Jude. It is next to the last book in the Bible so it is easy to find. Find the book of Revelation and turn left and you will come to it. It is very easy to find. But it is a small book. Be careful, you'll go right past it. Only 25 verses. But 25 pertinent and powerful verses that deal with the problem that we have today. It is the problem of apostasy. And we come today in our study to Jude verse 12 and 13.

Now here Jude is describing an apostate. And he says, "These are spots on your feasts of charity. They feast with you feeding them without fear. Clouds they are without water carried by winds. Trees whose fruit withered. Without fruit. Twice dead, plucked up by the roots; raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever."

What a poignant statement. What powerful verses these are. What Jude is doing here is giving us a portrait of an apostate.

I heard of a man one time that went into a bank to rob the bank. He took a note and shoved it to the teller and it said, "This is a hold up. Put all of your money in this bag and send it back." She took a pencil and wrote a note to him and shoved it back to him. And he read it. It said, "Straighten your tie stupid, they are making your picture."

Now why do they want a picture of a criminal? Why do the banks go to all the difficulty to take a photograph of a man who is doing a bank robbery? Well, that other's might be warned. This man is dangerous. This man is a felon. This man is a criminal. And they take his picture. They'll put it on television. They'll put it in post offices and other places that we might know what this criminal looks like.

Now there are some spiritual criminals. There are some spiritual felons. And what God has done here in t ...

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