by Adrian Rogers

Strong Faith
Adrian Rogers

Say, whose the strongest person here today, who do you think? Would it be Phil Weatherwax, is he the strongest one? He looks strong to me. Well, you say, pastor, there's different kinds of strength. There's physical strength but that's not the only kind of strength. What about mental strength? Whose got the strongest mind? Ah, you say but wait a minute, that's not the only kind of strength. What bout moral strength? Who lives the purest life? Ah, but you say that's not the only kind of strength. What about financial strength? Whose got the most money in this place? Some of us say I know who doesn't have it. Well, let me talk to you today about a kind of strength that's greater than any of the other strengths that I have mentioned and it is that strength of faith. I want to talk to you today about how to be strong in faith and the title of our message today is STRONG FAITH, STRONG FAITH. Turn to Romans chapter four and we're going to break right in verse sixteen. Paul is telling us how to be saved and he says Romans chapter four, verse sixteen, by the way, let me see how many bibles, hold them up. Let me just look at them. Well, now isn't that something, praise the Lord, take them down. Romans chapter four, verse sixteen. Paul is talking of salvation and be says therefore it is of faith, that it might be grace to the end that the promise might be sure. Boy, I like that. By faith that it might be by grace to the end of the promise might be sure. OK, attention then dear friend, you want to know that you know that you're saved. To all the seed, to all the descendants only uh, that not to that only which is of the law but to that also which is of the faith of Abraham who is the father of all. As it is written, I made thee a father of many nations. That is, God said to Abraham, you're going to be a father of many nations. Before him whom he believed that is, Abraham believe God, even God who quickeneth the dead and calleth those things ...

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