by Adrian Rogers

Seven Steps to Mental Health
Adrian Rogers
Philippians 4

I want you to take your bibles please and turn to Philippians chapter four Philippians chapter four, we're going to look at a very I suppose, familiar passage of scripture, I hope it will be anyway by the time I finish preaching about it, but I think in my mind is one of the key devotional passages in all of the bible and I want to, you know, we, we spoke this morning about rejoicing in the Lord, regardless of the circumstances. And that was from the Old Testament and I just want to pick up in the new testament and continue the same theme tonight. I'm going to entitle the message SEVEN STEPS TO MENTAL HEALTH and that's going to sound very clinical but I'm going to make it really very spiritual. Seven Steps to Mental Health. That is to get your thinking correct. You see, wrong thinking can be hazardous to your mental health. The scripture says as a man thinketh so it he. I have a good friend now who is the vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention whose name is Zig Ziglar. Zig has a way of saying that most peoples problems come from stinking thinking and I believe that Zig is exactly right o we're going to show you how to deal with things like depression, and things like self pity and things like worry and fear and anger and all of these things.

You say, well, brother Rogers, you just don't know the situation that I'm in and if you knew the situation that I'm in, if you were in the same situation you'd be depressed also, you'd be afraid also, you'd be angry also, you'd be frustrated also. Well, perhaps so, but I didn't write the scripture that I'm going to read to you tonight. Paul wrote it and I want to tell you where he wrote it, he wrote it from prison, huh? Wrote it from prison, you know what he's waiting for? To have his head taken off. OK, so, if you think you've got problems just put them aside now and listen to what God says through the apostle Paul and here are seven steps for a posi ...

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