by Adrian Rogers

How to Stay Together While the World Falls Apart
Adrian Rogers

I want you to take God's Word, please, and find the Book of Habakkuk. I'll give you about five seconds to do that. I'll give you a hint; it comes right after the Book of Nahum, so that ought to make it very easy for you to find. Now, we call Habakkuk the minor prophet. I want to say there's certainly nothing minor about the message about the prophet Habakkuk. So I want you to turn to this book, and keep it open there in your hands because we're going to be referring to it. As a matter of fact, there are three chapters, and we're going to look into all three chapters today.

We're speaking today on this subject, ''How to Stay Together While the World Comes Apart.'' Now, let me tell you something, Friend. This world is unraveling. This world is coming apart. This world is winding down. The end of all things is at hand and is going to end in calamity. I'm talking about this world system, and we live here and we're part of it.

Now, you know, we know that Jesus is coming again. Amen. And we know that we're going up in the Rapture. Amen. We know that. And we know that after the Rapture of the church, there's going to be a period here on earth known as the Great Tribulation. But let me tell you something. Many of us who live in America have the idea that we are God's darlings and that because we're Christians and also because we're Americans, we're not going to know any real trouble, but we're going to just live our lives on out in a certain degree of tranquility and peace, and then the Rapture is going to come and take us away. And, therefore, we're not going to know any trouble and any tribulation, but we, as God's children, are not going through that Great Tribulation which is going to be Hell on earth when Hell has a holiday and when the Antichrist comes to reign.

But let me tell you something else. The Bible teaches that coming events, many times cast their shadows ahead of time. ' ...

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