by Adrian Rogers

The Backslider
Adrian Rogers

I want you to take your bibles now and turn to the book of Proverbs chapter fourteen and verse fourteen. Proverbs fourteen, verse four ten. I love to hear the pages turn, that's like music also. Here's a remarkable Proverb, short, concise, bur power packed. The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways and a good man shall be satisfied from himself I want to speak to you today on THE BACKSLIDER, THE BACKSLIDER and I pray God that the message today will speak to your heart to warn you, to make you wise and many to restore. Now, what is a backslider anyway? What is a backslider? A backslider is not an unsaved person. No unsaved person can be a backslider. When the bible uses the term backslider it's not talking about the lost, it is talking about the saved. You have to go somewhere in order to slide back, tha tis, you, you must have known the Lord before you can backslide away from the Lord. A lost person is just lost, but he's not a backslider because he's never known the Lord to slide back from the Lord. The backslider is not a lost person, he is a saved person out of fellowship with God. Now, you're saying well, pastor, I hope some of those ole backsliders that you're talking to of this morning may hear the message. I may be speaking to you. If there was ever a time when you loved the Lord Jesus Christ more than you love him at this moment, if there was ever a time when he meant more to you, when prayer was sweeter to you, when worship was more real to you, when your service was more effective for the Lord Jesus Christ, if there was ever a time like that when it was more than it is now, you are backsliding, so pay attention. We're talking about the backslider, the backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways. I had to search my heart with tears upon my knees as I said Lord, do I love you with a full heart? Is there unconfessed, unrepented of sin in my own life, would I be so foolish to stand in this pulpit an ...

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