by Adrian Rogers

God's Plan for Prosperity
Adrian Rogers
Proverbs 28:13

Take your bibles, and turn to proverbs, chapter 28. Let's look in verse 13. We're preaching through the book of proverbs, under the general heading of ''god's way to health, wealth, and wisdom''. Today, I wanna speak to you on this subject: ''God's plan for prosperity''. Are you interested in being prosperous? I hope you are. God is interested in your being prosperous. Did you know that the bible says that god takes pleasure in the prosperity of his servants? That god is pleased when you're prosperous? God takes pleasure in the prosperity of his servants. As a matter of fact, one of the most unqualified promises in all of the bible is found in psalms, chapter 1. The bible speaks of a righteous man who's ''like a tree planted by the rivers of water''. And the bible says, concerning that type of man, and whatsoever he doeth,'' shall what? ''prosper. '' whatever he does shall prosper!

What is god's plan for prosperity? And what is prosperity? Well, that doesn't mean, necessarily, you're going to be wealthy. Many of you, when I said it's god's plan for prosperity'', you tuned in because you said, ''boy, that means I'm gonna have a lot a money.'' you may have more money than god can trust you with right now. Eh, we're not talking primarily about money, when we're talking about prosperity. If you think that we're talking about that, you really don't understand the intent of the bible, nor the meaning of the biblical word ''prosperity''. Prosperity means that you live a, a life of general welfare, where god meets your needs, and that you are being fulfilled, an' enjoying the blessings of god. The bible teaches that is prosperity.

Here is ''god's plan for prosperity''. And I want you to see it here in the book of proverbs, chapter 28, and verse 13, ''he that covereth his sin shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.'' ''he that covereth his sin shall not prosper.'' now, ...

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