by Adrian Rogers

Playboy's Payday
#2 in These Issues We Face Series
Dr. Adrian Rogers
Proverbs 5

We are in a series from the Book of Proverbs entitled
God's Way to Health, Wealth and Wisdom. I want you to
open your Bibles, please, to Proverbs chapter 5. If
you did not bring a Bible with you, you look in the
pew rack in front of you - there's Bible there for you
to use. Turn to Proverbs chapter 5, should be page
622, and we're going to read together the entire
chapter. Let me tell you so you'll know what we're
reading. The fifth chapter of the book of Proverbs
deals with sexual immorality and the title of the
message today is "The Playboy's Payday."

(Read Proverbs 5)

Now, I want to tell you, dear friend, that love and
marriage and romance are something very, very
wonderful. I started my romantic endeavors as a
youngster. I fell in love with a little girl in
school, and my childhood sweetheart is now the love of
my life. Joyce and I grew up together as childhood
sweethearts and, you know, it's just different when
you get started that way. I remember our first kiss
as the chills went up and down my spine because her
popsicle was melting. It's just great to have that
relationship that God wants us to have.

I know today when I'm talking about romance and love
and marriage and all of those things that everybody's
interested. At least, you ought to be interested.
It's just a universal subject, no matter who you are
or where you live, and you really don't outgrow it.
The girls get interested a little bit before the boys.
You know, girls mature just a little bit before boys,
and up until twelve, the girls are a little ahead of
the boys, and the girls start thinking about the boys
before the boys start thinking about the girls. But
from twelve to fourteen, the boys are catching up with
the girls. And from fourteen on, they're neck and

It's a very wonderful thing and we need to find ou ...

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