by Adrian Rogers

The Master Soul Winner
Adrian Rogers
Matthew 12:18-19

All day long we've been thinking on the subject of soul-winning and bringing people to Jesus Christ. Tonight I want to speak to you on this subject, The Master Soul Winner, and of course His name is Jesus. And because He is the master soul winner, the Lord Jesus is the model soul winner because He is our example in everything. He's our example in this matter of bringing people to Himself. So, I want us to begin reading here in Matthew 12:18.

This is a prophesy of Isaiah the prophet that Matthew quotes and applies to the Lord Jesus and it's one of the sweetest passages in all of the Bible. The Lord God Almighty is extremely pleased with His Son the Lord Jesus and so He says, ''Behold my servant whom I have chosen, my beloved, in whom my soul is well pleased. I will put my Spirit upon him and He shall show judgment to the Gentiles. He shall not strive nor cry, neither shall any man hear His voice in the streets. A bruised reed shall He not break and smoking flax shall He not quench, till He send forth judgment unto victory and in His name shall the Gentiles trust.''

Now, folks, He was talking about us, a long time ago. Isaiah prophesied that in the name of Jesus, Adrian Rogers, Paul Williams and Jim Whitmire and all of the rest of these who are here tonight who know the Lord Jesus Christ would have trusted in him. We're those Gentiles that Isaiah prophesied would come to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and to be saved. Isaiah described the coming Messiah and He described the ministry and the method of His ministry and what I want to do is to look at the life and the ministry of Christ as a master soul winner and then I want to use that as an illustration and as an application for your life and for my life.

Now, there are several things that I want you to notice that Isaiah prophesied about the Lord Jesus. First of all, I want you to notice His commission in verse 18. ''Behold my servant whom I have c ...

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