by Adrian Rogers

How to Pray When You Hurt
Dr. Adrian Rogers
2 Corinthians 12:1-10

Now, would you take your Bibles please tonight and I
would like for you to turn to Second Corinthians
chapter 12, a familiar passage to those who are
students of the Bible that deals with the problem of
pain and how to deal with suffering and sorrow,
heartache and sickness.

I want us to read together Second Corinthians chapter
12 verses 1 through 10. [read]

All of us, as I have said, hurt from time to time.
The great apostle Paul hurt and here we have a glimpse
into his prayer life and into the workings of his
heart and how he endured something that he'd had for a
long, long time. Paul knew what it was to suffer and
I know that I've already read one long passage of
scripture, but I feel that it would be well for us
just to back up to set the background just a little
better for the passage that I've just read. If you
would go back to chapter 11 and still with your Bibles
open I want us to look again and read a longer passage
of scripture beginning in verse 24 and reading through
verse 33, again speaking of the sufferings of this man
named Paul.

Paul says, "Of the Jews five times have received I
forty stripes save one." And a beating like this,
dear friend, would often kill a person, five times
Paul had known the liters' lash, five times he had
been stretched out and beaten within an inch of his
life. "Thrice was I beaten with rods," that was
another kind of beating, "once I was stoned." Now,
when they stoned him they left him for dead, they
thought he was dead but he wasn't dead. "Thrice I
suffered shipwreck," that is, he'd been in the
terrible, horrible storms, "a night and a day had I
been in the deep," that is, his body had floated
around in the Mediterranean and been pickled by that
salt water. "In journeyings often in perils of
waters," that is, many times he almost drowned, "in
perils of robbers," he wa ...

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