by Adrian Rogers



Now, I want us to look please in First Corinthians chapter fifteen,
First Corinthians chapter fifteen and I want us to look in verses thirteen
and fourteen and then we',re goingto consider some more verses. But to
begin with, verses thirteen and fourteen. "But if there be no ressurrection
of the dead, then Christ is not risen, and if Christ be not risen then
is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain."
I want us to think today on this subject, THINGS UNTHINKABLE. Thinking
on the unthinkable, and what is that? What is this thinking on the
unthinkable? I want you to think with me for just a moment about what
would be true if Christ had not been raised. What unthinkable things,
what solemn certainties, would be facts that we'd have to grapple with
if Jesus Christ is still in that grave.
Now, I want to tellyou friend, he's not incase you have any doubt
in your mind, he's not. Paul doesn have any question in his mind as to
whether or not Paul raised from the dead, but back in Paul's day there
were some who were saying oh, you can believe in Christianity without believing
in the resurrection. And we still have some today who would do the same
thing. I call them liberals or modernists. They try to jedison the great
truths of the faith. They've tried to do away with such things as the verbal
inspiration of the bible. They've tried to dismiss such things as the virgin
birth of the Lord Jesus. They have ridiculed such things as the blood atonement.
They try to somehow explain away the bodily resurrection and yet they have
the urunidigated gall to sa, to call themselves Christians. They're not
Christians at all. They might bear the name Christian but anybody who
doesn't believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ has noright to
call themselves a Christian.

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