by Adrian Rogers

John 11

John chapter eleven, we're continuing our series on a
parade of miracles! You will remember that John who
wrote the gospel of John under the inspiration of the
holy spirit of God gave us at the close of his gospel,
both his motive and his method of writing the gospel.
His motive was that you might believe that Jesus is
the Christ and that believing you might have life
through his name. That was his motive, but what was
his method. He said many other signs did Jesus, but
these are written that you might believe that he is
the Christ.

And so, his method was to select seven miracles and
these are special miracles, miracles with a message,
signs with a significance, miracles that Jesus
performed but you need to look beyond the miracle to
the message. You need to look beyond the sign to the

Today we're going to be talking about the last of
those miracles, the raising of Lazarus from the dead.
But let's quickly recapitulate and look back.

Remember the first miracle, that was the changing of
water into wine. And that showed us that Jesus Christ
is God's answer to man's discouragement because wine
in the bible symbolizes joy and the wine had run out
because mankind without Christ has no joy and then
Jesus that day became the life of the party and he has
been ever since. Amen.

So, Jesus is God's answer to man's discouragement. And
the next miracle that we see was the healing of a
nobleman son's and this nobleman had difficulty
believing and Jesus remonstrated with him and said
except you seen signs and miracles you'll not believe.
And then Jesus said go thy way, thy son liveth and the
bible says, and the man believed the word and so that
tells us that faith is taking God at his word and that
Jesus Christ is God's answer to man's doubt, man's
discouragement, man's doubt.

The next miracle was the healing of a man who was
paralyzed comple ...

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