by Adrian Rogers

The Rise And Fall Of Babylon
Adrian Rogers

And today I want you to notice Genesis chapter ten, beginning in verse eight. "And Cush begat Nimrod and he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord, wherefore it is said, even as Nimrod, the mighty hunter before the Lord and the beginning of his kingdom was Babel." And we're going to stop reading right there.

Now, I have told you that the book of Genesis is the seed bed of all prophesy and it is the seed bed of all theology. That is we see in type, in picture, in fore gleam all of the great truths that we're doing to find in the rest of the bible. That's the reason we call it the book of Genesis. That's the reason we call it the book of the beginning. And I don't know whether you've enjoyed with me discovering the picture and person of Christ in the book of Genesis, but I have. It's been a thrill to me and a blessing to me to find our wonderful Lord portrayed here, right in the opening verses of God's word in type and prophesy and picture and it's just been a blessing to me.

But, not only are you going to find a Christ picture but also you're going to find anti-Christ pictured. Because, you see, the bible teaches in the last days there is coming a great world dictator who is called the beast, the man of sin, the anti-Christ, just as there's a Christ, there is an anti-Christ and just as Jesus is the Son of God, the anti-Christ is the son of Satan. One is the seed of the woman, the Christ. The other is the seed of the serpent. Remember we've already studied that in Genesis chapter three. One is the Son of God. The other is the Son of Perdition. One is God's lamb. The other is the devil's beast. And one has a kingdom which is the kingdom of God. The other has a kingdom which is the kingdom of evil. one will rule over a city which is the holy city, Jerusalem. Another will rule over a city which is the hellish city, Babylon. And our message today is entitled The Rise & Fall ...

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