by Adrian Rogers

An Invasion from Hell
Adrian Rogers
Revelation 8

Take your bibles please now, and turn to Revelation chapter Eight. We have been in that period of time in the book of the Revelation called the great tribulation. And the great tribulation is set before us as a series of judgments, as a seven sealed scroll is unrolled. One seal is broken and the scroll is unrolled and certain judgments are read out. Another seal is broken, the scroll is unrolled a little more, other judgments are declared. And on it goes and already we have seen the opening of six seals and in the opening of those six seals we saw war and famine and pestilence and death and earthquakes and terrible and horrible things. One seal is yet to be broken. One seal is yet to be open. It is the last and by far the most terrible of the tribulation horrors that unfold themselves before our eyes. And this tell us of that great horrible part of the tribulation called the trumpet judgments. Because in the seventh seal are seven trumpets that will sound. Notice, I begin reading in verse one. "And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of a half an hour." This is perhaps the longest silence that heaven has every known because in heaven dear friend, there is praise and admiration., and music and worship that is continually ascending to the throne of God. But the bible tells us that there was silence in heaven about the space of an half an hour. What does this silence stand for? What does it represent? I believe that all heaven is holding it's breath. I believe that what is happening is an about to happen is so awesome and so terrifying, that no one in heaven dares breathe a word. I believe it is like that terrible, awesome experience just before the judge meets out the sentence after a terrible crime. Everybody is waiting to see what is about to happen when the verdict is given. All heaven seems to be holding it's breath. And we read here in verses two and three, "and ...

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