by Adrian Rogers

Worthy Is the Lamb
Adrian Rogers
Revelation 5

Be finding please Revelation chapter five, Revelation chapter five. I want to speak this morning on this subject, WORTHY IS THE LAMB, worthy is the Lamb. Revelation chapter five, verse one. And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals. Now, we find here after John is caught up into heaven that his attention is captured by a book, literally a scroll in the right hand of the majesty on high sitting upon that throne that is sat in heaven. Now, this book is a very interesting book. it is not a book as we would call a book today that has a binding on the back and loose pages. Literally it is a scroll. They did not know in the time of John what we know as a book, but they wrote on a scroll that would be rolled up. And uh, you would write on the scroll so far and roll it up until that which is written is no longer seen, it is concealed and then it is sealed at either end with a seal. And then some more is written and it's rolled further and sealed again and some more is written. This particular book was sealed with seven seals. Now, the question comes, what is this book? This mysterious book that it is in the right hand of the majesty on high that has captured the attention of the apostle John and means so much to us. This book is the title deed of all of creation. It is the title deed of the earth. It is the official document that is going to determine the outcome of human history. I believe that we could get some understanding of what this sealed book is if we were to go to the Old Testament. All of this is by way of introduction, but turn with me if you will for just a moment to Jeremiah chapter thirty-two. Now, remember that many of the symbols in the book of the Revelation are explained and understood uh, by knowing the Old Testament. And in Jeremiah chapter thirty-two we find something very interesting. Jeremiah was a prophet and he wa ...

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